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If you wonder why we have chosen Jersey as the location for the first Good Taste Guide then you probably haven’t visited it yet. Jersey is one of the most beautiful islands in Europe with perhaps the best restaurant scene for anywhere its size in the world. Just 14 miles from the French coast and over 100 miles from the English coast, Jersey was once part of the Duchy of Normandy and is now classed as a Crown Dependency. This means it has its own elected government, with the Queen as Head of State.

Jersey’s location means it takes its culinary influences from France; however, substantial numbers of Italian and Portuguese immigrants have helped establish brilliant Mediterranean restaurants there too.

Clean, shallow waters are an excellent environment for shellfish, creating a good supply of crabs, lobster, mussels, scallops and oysters for local restaurants, and plenty for export to France too. The island is well known for its creamy milk and Jersey Royal potatoes, however, the climate is also good for growing vegetables, salads and fruit, which can be in season several weeks before they would appear in the UK. Jersey has its own system for accrediting local produce, known as Genuine Jersey, with growers recognised with their red logo.

Jersey’s economy is primarily driven by finance, followed by tourism, then agriculture. Money, people and produce are three big stimuli for good restaurants. There is plenty of competition which helps maintain standards, while anywhere which stays open all year has to appeal to locals as well as summer visitors, offering good quality food, with seasonal menus at a reasonable price.

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